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Batinur safeguards your daily intake of key micronutrients, with a formula based on published nutritional research

21 nutrients including Chromium which helps to maintain normal blood glucose levels

A balanced formula, developed by experts From the Pakistan’s No.1 vitamin company

  •  Helps to maintain Normal Blood Sugar Levels.
  • Helps to Increase glucose uptake into the cells for proper utilization of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.
  • Helps to manage blood sugar and insulin levels reduce insulin resistance & help to improve insulin sensitivity.
  • Boost Energy Levels, reduce Weakness & Fatigue.
  • Helps to reduce the symptoms of Diabetic Neuropathy.

Pack Size: 1 Pack (30 Capsules)

1 Pack (30 Capsules)
2 Pack (60 Capsules)
3 Pack (90 Capsules)

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Rs.5,310 Rs.4,160
شوگر کے مریضوں کو مکمل غذائیت فراہم کرنےمیں مددکرتا ہے۔
جسم کو طاقت اور توانائی فراہم کرنےمیں مددکرتا ہے۔
شوگر کی وجہ سے ہونے والی تھکاوٹ اورکمزوری کو کم کرنےمیں مددکرتا ہے۔
انسولین کی مقدار اور پیداوار کو فروغ دینےمیں مددکرتا ہے۔
زیابیطس نیوروپیتھی (ہاتھ پاؤں کا سن ہو جانا) کےخطرے کو کم کرنےمیں مددکرتا ہے۔
پٹھوں کی تھکاوٹ اور کمزوری کو کم کرنےمیں مددکرتا ہے۔
Product Directions
Take one (1) Capsule daily as a dietary supplement with water preferably with the meal or as directed by a healthcare professional. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Product Ingredients

For adults MEN only. If you are under any medical supervision, using any medication or intending to use medication, do consult with your healthcare professional before using this product. Do not use this product, if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. During use, inform your medical professional.

For adults WOMEN only. Consult a physician before use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking other medicine or intend to take any medicine. Do not take this product if you are allergic to any of its ingredient. If any adverse reaction occurs, discontinue the use and consult a physician.

For Kids only use product according to Product Direction, Don’t excide Daily dosage, Do not take this product if you are allergic to any of its ingredient. If any adverse reaction occurs, discontinue the use and consult a physician.

Protect from light, heat & moisture. Store in a cool & dry place. Keep out of the reach of children. Food Supplement-Not for the treatment of any disease.

Product Registration
DRAP Manufacturer Enlistment No.: 01127
Batinur DRAP Enlistment No.: 1127970455
According to DRAP Act 2012
(British Pharmacopeia Specification)
Our Product Quality
Nurture’s customer trust is built on our efforts to create and formulate high quality products and to manufacture with same consistent quality standards and GMP's Procedures.

Our dedication to quality, consistency, and scientific research has resulted in vitamins and nutritional supplements of unrivaled excellence. By combining the latest breakthroughs in nutritional science with the finest ingredients, we’re proud to provide you with supplements of unsurpassed quality and value.

Nurture’s supplements are overseen by our manufacturing specialists and quality experts, each one dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards.
Shipping Information
All orders placed will be shipped out the next working day and will be delivered within 2-5 working days.

Customer Reviews

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Abbasi Maqsood.
Unregistered harmful product.

Fake, unregistered product.
Applied with PCSIR for its detailed examination and review and shall share the result on social media.

Hamid Hameed

Very effective. I felt good energy after using it.

Muhammad Shafiq


Shah Nawaz
Bad couriorr service

Ap k courior ne proudect mjhe deleiver hi nhn ki. Bad courrior service

Ahmed Zeeshan
Batinur is great

Its awsome feeling very energetic,,,diabetese are control now..feeling fresh...very good product..